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 Nozzle 105015-8480 DLLA157SN848 For MITSUBISHI 6D16A563 , OEM Number 105015-8480 » For sale
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Nozzle 105015-8480 DLLA157SN848 For MITSUBISHI 6D16/A563 , OEM Number 105015-8480

China-Lutong Nozzles are designed to withstand the heavy demands of today’s diesel engines. On average, a diesel nozzle fires 1,000 times per minute, so precision and durability are important features. Each China-Lutong Nozzle is engineered for exacting precision and durability, to deliver a long, reliable service life for consistently superior diesel engine performance.

An injector nozzle is a fine sprayer through which fuel is injected into an engine. The top of the injector nozzle has a lot of holes to deliver a spray of diesel fuel into the cylinder. The higher the pressure, the smaller the injector nozzle openings can be, producing smaller pulses that provide better fuel atomization. The fuel is sprayed through an injector nozzle, typically at high pressure, to improve the mixing of fuel with air.

?Key Features

Hydraulic grinding, an exclusive China-Lutong process, employs a special abrasive medium to round the edges of the spray hole inlets
Precision-drilled spray holes measure exact fuel delivery, providing optimum power with minimum emissions
High alloy and chrome steel construction assures maximum durability
Needle-to-body gap for proper hydraulic performance
Dual-angle needle design ensures a precise contact point for positive sealing and optimum performance

?100% factory tested

China-Lutong Nozzles are 100% factory tested and calibrated to specifications using the same test equipment to insure the highest level of performance and cleanliness compliance. As a result, customers receive high quality products - not only the first time, but every time.

To find replacement or upgraded injector nozzles for your diesel engine. At China-Lutong Diesel you’ll find the very best diesel fuel system components from trusted brands like DICSCL PARCS and DIZZO Parts. And if you need assistance choosing the right injector nozzles for your application, get in touch. Our diesel experts have the knowledge to get you what you need. Plus we’re easily reached by phone call, email, or through the convenient on-site live chat.

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